Assassin’s Creed Nexus is coming to Meta Quest 2 VR

Assassin’s Creed Nexus combines three classic Assassin’s Creed games into one title and moves the whole thing into VR. The combination of Connor from Assassins Creed 3, Kassandra from Origins and Ezio from the second one will be more accurate. Every time the killer gets his as-yet-untold story, which will connect in the present in Absterg. It will be such a new course that we haven’t seen in the series yet, even if it ends at a well-known location.

In Italy, we will meet Leonardo Da Vinci, revealing a course full of commercial conflicts, stolen treasures and revenge. In ancient Greece, the game will be the middle of an intense battle in the age when Atnam was brutally ruled by Tridsa tyrants. During the American Revolution, I plunged into the world of intrigue, intrigue and betrayal.

The new thing will be a first-person story that will be suitable for VR. Let’s literally put ourselves in the killer’s shoes. More precisely, three killers, in three locations, which will vary but will be focused on stealth, but eventually you can also choose fights.

The game will be released in the fall and at least for now only for Meta Quest 2, we still don’t know if it will be exclusivity. Vizul bag how to find mobile Quest hardware

The game starts:

  • Redesigned full body avatar with various weapons in holsters. Direct sentences are used by means of tracking rk
  • Absorbing cut-scenes, they will make you a sucker for the course
  • Age open maps that you can fully climb and jump through parkour
  • Dense iv world of civilians and enemies designed to respond to VR action games
  • An innovative collection of comfort options for drilling dynamic blocking of peripheral vision, teleportation (drilling climbing and parkour) and all can be turned on to provide a real game action for games of all types of VR sensitivities.

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