Asher Angel, the Billy Batson of the film, wants to see him interact with other DC characters in the DCU

Asher Angel, face of teenage Billy Baxton in Shazam, admitted that he wants to see the superhero interact with the other DC characters in the DCUi.e. the new cinematic course inaugurated by the new management of DC Studios, with James Gunn directing everything together with Peter Safran.

“I hope to be integrated with other characters, but who knows?” Asher said in an interview granted to, alluding to encounters similar to those seen in Black Adam, without spoilers. At the moment, Shazam himself has interacted very little with other superheroes of the DC world, except in the ending of the first Shazamwhere we can see Billy Batson with Superman (whose face we don’t see).

However, the actor did not comment on any crossover in the upcoming Shazam: Fury of the Gods, the sequel where we will see him again together with Zachary Levi in ​​the role of the powerful superhero, as well as historical rival of Black Adam. However, it seems obvious that we will see the superhero interact with the big names in the DC Universesooner or later. Black Adam’s very existence cries out for a confrontation between the two.


Asher Angel finally proved enthusiastic about the new course undertaken with DC Studios, and believes it was his film that facilitated this change, at least in part. And what do you think, Gametimers? Tell us in the comments as always. In the meantime, remember that the DCU has seen the return of Henry Cavill as Superman.

Source: ign