Arma Reforger leaked, possibly Xbox time exclusive

The event is approached The Future of Armaa videogame event that certainly cannot be defined mainstream but that, undoubtedly, is extremely felt and expected by the gaming communities dedicated to a particular videogame genre, mostly strong in the ecosystem Windows PCthose simulation shooters of which the saga Weapon it has always been one of the most important on a global scale.

A leak, however, has potentially anticipated Arma Reforger, a game waiting to be announced during the event:

The leaker in question would have shared several infographics on the web on the next game in the series, which as can be seen from the title will not be purely a canonical title of the series – it is not that.Weapon 4 that many look forward to.

The leak was brought to the attention of the general public thanks to the usual Idle Slothwhich grasped the anticipation, proceeded to share it throughout the network with lots of data that would confirm that this is the new title that the development studio hoped to present, surprisingly, during the next aforementioned event.

The game is described as a “Arma chapter intended for console users”and moreover this game will end up acting as a support base to build the bases of the gameplay, content and technologies that in the future will give shape, in fact, to Weapon 4.

The leaked data describe Reforger weapon as a shooter with a focus on multiplayer mode, both cooperative and competitive, set in the legendary 80s that have been back in fashion for years. The war context will be that of the end of the Cold War. The game will take place on a single huge map – it is the tradition of the series to offer few maps but so large that you can organize dozens of events without ever being in the same place – in fact in this case, if the link is correct, we speak of a single map called Everon of 52 square kilometers of extension, all completely explorable.

According to the leak, the launch of Reforger weapon will offer us a game containing three different factions, six different vehicles, two types of grenades and thirteen “roles” to adopt and learn to master. Obviously, like any title in the series, it is easy for this content to add up to a large amount released post-launch.

The infographic that concludes the leak, summarizing everything, reports the launch of the game as very close: it would be a matter of months. The debut would initially be exclusively on Windows PC, Xbox One And Xbox Series X | Sthen once the time exclusivity expires the versions will arrive PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5. As always, we are waiting to shout with jubilation: we will soon discover whether it is truth or lies, to be exact at 19:00 Italian the day after tomorrow, May 17, 2022, when the event will take place. The idea of ​​this inspires you Roforger weapon?