ArmA 3: Big Creator DLC Spearhead 1944 is out today

Almost 10 years after its original release, long-running military shooter ArmA 3 is getting a comprehensive new Creator DLC. Here we tell you what to expect in the additional content.

Bohemia Interactive and developer Heavy Ordnance Works today made available the Spearhead 1944 Creator DLC for ArmA 3. The fresh add-on places you in the fields of Normandy and lets you explore a whopping 150 square kilometers of World War II territory.

In the DLC you are part of the advance of the US First Army trying to break through the German lines. You’ll be able to use a variety of US weapons and equipment to traverse the fields and green spaces of the new Normandy terrain.

“Spearhead 1944” offers you a multiplayer co-op campaign with seven missions, several official scenarios and game modes and even more possibilities for creating content with the scenario editor. Everything is based around Operation Cobra, which hides the seven weeks after D-Day. The co-op campaign can be played with up to 24 players and is inspired by real events.

According to the official summary, for the 17.99 euros that you can invest in the DLC on Steam starting today, you get the following content:

  • 150 km² Normandy area
  • Five factions and civilians
  • 50+ weapons and grenades
  • 40+ vehicles and static weapons
  • 400+ clothing and gear variations
  • Multiplayer coop campaign
  • Six multiplayer scenarios
  • two faction showcases
  • New coop scenarios
  • New sounds & effects
  • New music
  • Various additional content

In the first week from today you can get a discount of 10 percent on the purchase price.

ArmA 3 – Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944 Trailer

Starting today, the big new Creator DLC for ArmA 3 is available via Steam.

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