Ark Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven FREE on the Epic Games Store

As the new weekend approaches Epic Games Store has made available two new games completely FREE for their users. We are talking about Ark Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven.

In recent days we had already reported the possibility of redeeming a copy of Hundred Days. Now Epic Games has upped the ante with two really good games to be discovered.

Ark Survival Evolved needs very little explanation, it is a multiplayer survival set in a fantastic prehistoric world which merges with modern technology. Thanks to this gift, you will have the opportunity to put your team together with friends and spend countless hours of online fun.


Gloomhaven, on the other hand, is a game of a completely different nature. This is the faithful transposition of the board game of the same name with miniatures. But we’re not talking about just any board game from 2017 to today is at the top of the ranking of the best games selected by the users of Board Game Geek. With an average grade of 8.70 out of over 52,000 votes received. Another very interesting opportunity to take advantage of with friends on rainy evenings.

To redeem a free copy of Ark Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven just go to this addresslog in and complete the purchase procedure. The games will remain yours forever once redeemed. You will have time starting this afternoon at 17:00, e until Thursday 29 September at 4:59 pm to complete the operation.

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Source: Epic Games Store