Arcane 2. The authors of the Netflix series, on Reddit: “described in one word? War!”

Not that they said much more, to be honest. About “Arcane 2” (the second season of the animated series available on Netflix from last year) Christian Linke and Alex Yee didn’t unbutton much. During a Q&A session organized on Reddit, the two authors broke through the various questions posed by users. Fans were fascinated by the League of Legends derivative work they tried to tease the creators in an attempt to get some anticipation on season 2.

Unfortunately disappointed expectation. Yee and Linke, in fact, have limited themselves to very vague answers about what will happen in the next round of Arcane episodes. One of the very few answers that are slightly more precise concerns the relationship between Jinx – the undisputed protagonist of the series – and Ekko. According to the co-creators, the characters they will interact much more of what was done during the first season.

Jinx and Ekko won’t be the only characters to be explored. Although they don’t specify what they mean by their words, Linke and Yee say that during Arcane 2 things will happen that fans of the ‘ship’ Vi / Caitlyn will love but others that they will hate deeply. In this regard, the two also remain vague on the possibility of seeing more ‘explicit’ scenes by opening (but it would be better to say ‘not closing’) to the possibility.

Finally, the decision to describe the upcoming season in one word. “War” Linke said.

Arcane boasts excellent fans. One of them all, Henry Cavill. The interpreter of Superman and – soon ex – of Geralt claims to have seen it all in one night ‘forcing’ his wife to accompany him on a binge watching session like a true nerd. Hideo Kojima also liked the series who talked about it when he commented on another Netflix product: Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

Source: Reddit

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