APEX Mobile: New Season “Underworld” Begins / Revenant Participates! / Limited time mode “Nightmare Begins” etc.

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play mobile FPS battle royal game “Apex Legends Mobile” for Android / iOS will start a new season “Underworld” on November 30th Japan time. Revenant is coming to mobile with new content like Nightmare Begins, a limited-time mode.

New Season “Underworld” Starts November 30th

in the Apple App Store2022 Game of the Year” at The Game Awards 2022Best Mobile GameAlso nominated for “Apex Legends Mobile”,November 30, 10:00 a.m. Japan timeA new season “Underworld” will start.

This time, the familiar “artificial nightmare” in the PC / consumer versionRevenantjoins the mobile version. In addition to the same ability set, there is also a legend perk unique to the mobile version.

Revenant Abilities

  • Passive: Stalker
    • Can move fast while crouching and can climb higher than other Legends.
  • Tactical Ability:silence
    • Device that damages enemies and temporarily disables abilities
  • Ultimate Ability:death totem
    • A totem that protects the user from death for a certain period of time.Instead of being killed or knocked down when taking fatal damage, you will be pulled back to the totem location and revived with a certain amount of health.

Revenant Legend Perk

  • Deathstalker: Move faster while crouched
  • source of nightmares: Climb to reload weapons
  • Creeping Fear: Revenant can move horizontally when climbing
  • no time for bad guys: Death Totem grants Stalker to allies
  • terror bondage: Silenced enemies also move slower
  • zombie siphon: Knocking down enemies restores health while the Death Totem effect is active.
  • battle adaptation: Using a finisher gives 100 damage to the evolution shield level
  • deadly momentum: Using a finisher reduces the cooldown of your ultimate by 30%.
  • interrogator: Use the finisher to show the location of enemy units on the minimap.

New events and updates

  • Nightmare Begins
    • Requiem Supply Boxes spawn throughout World’s Edge and Kings Canyon
    • These Supply Boxes contain Metal Skulls, the new seasonal currency needed to unlock awesome rewards
  • Airdrop increase
    • This limited-time event will drop airdrops on the map more often and allow full-kit weapons
  • second shot
    • Second Shot is a Battle Royale limited-time mode that allows you to revive instantly by taking the enemy by surprise.

New Year Kickoff!

The holiday event has started and will continue until the new year. Participate in festival events to earn gold event currency. You’ll also get Epic and Legendary Legendary and Weapon Skins.

rank update

Season 3 Ranked Split ends November 30th at 10:00 GMT. Your rank will reset and the next split will start on the same day.

Store vault update

Introducing the new Store Vault: Winner’s Wonder Round. You can get 6 Eternal cosmetic items in the new vault.

NEW: Apex Legends Mobile Web Store

A new store supported by Xsolla has opened. The Apex Legends Mobile Webstore features Syndicate Gold sales, special bundles, and more. Click here for details: //store.playapexmobile.com/

  • Title: Apex Legends Mobile
  • Delivery date: May 2022
  • Target model:iOS, Android

Source: APEX Mobile Official

APEX Mobile: New Season
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APEX Mobile: New Season