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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play mobile FPS / battle royale game “Apex Legends Mobile” for Android / iOSMay 18Officially released to.This time thisAPEX Mobile LimitedAppear inNew Legend “Fade”Introducing the outline, story, abilities, etc.

New Legend “Fade” Appears in APEX Mobile Version

Apex Legends Mobile | New Legend “Fade” Pre-Play Video! Ability Introduction – EAA

APEX Mobile is designed so that not only those who are already enjoying Apex on the PC / consumer version but also those who are new to mobile FPS can enjoy playing smoothly.Equipped with various unique functions and contentsHowever, it also includes the APEX mobile version limited legend “Fade”, which is the first meeting for Apex players from before.

Fade Profile 01
Fade appeared

Fading punisherHis real name is Ignacio Huamani (26 years old). A person from the planet Solas, a legend who makes full use of phase techniques like Wraith. More details about him participating in the Apex game for the purpose of avenging his family can be found by unlocking the story in the game.

Fade Profile 02

Fade’s sad back story

APEX fade
It looks ugly but has a terrible past

Real name: Ignacio Huamani
age: 26 years old
The world to return to:comfort

Rude and impulsive Ignacio feels captivated by the recovered tech suits and is always upset. He has long hated and feared powerful phase techniques, but he understands that it is necessary to participate in Apex games and avenge his family.

Ignacio’s family lived in search of high-tech relics. After years of searching, I find a mysterious phantom suit in an abandoned bunker. However, as soon as he puts on his suit, he is attacked by a group of mercenaries who are trying to steal the treasure by attaching Ignacio’s family later. Ignacio activates the suit, but it is transferred by the phase technique, and the remaining family is murdered by mercenaries.

Ignacio, who vowed to shoot the family’s death, trains himself to master the suit and participates in the Apex game. To lure the enemy and make him pay for it with blood.

Fade abilities

Passive: Slipstream

  • Passive Abilities: Slipstream
    • At the end of sliding, the movement speed temporarily increases (cooldown 10 seconds).

It is a simple and easy ability that can be activated just by sliding. It will definitely be useful on a vast Batrois map.

Tactics: Flashback

  • Tactical Abilities: Flashbacks
    • Return to where you were a little while ago from the void (cooldown 20 seconds)

It’s a very tricky spec compared to the tactical abilities of other legends, where you jumped into the portal and where you were before (not time).Distance traveledYou can automatically return to (the pattern that refers to). It will be useful for turning around using the height.

Ultimate: Phase Chamber

Phase chamber
  • Ultimate: Phase Chamber
    • Unleash the Phase Cage and send all Legends within range into the void (cooldown 90 seconds)

It is an ability that expands in a dome shape and forcibly throws enemies within the range into the portal. If you are in the portal, you will not be able to attack, but you can also put yourself in the portal, so you can use it to get out of battle.

How to unlock the fade

Fade unlock
Can be unlocked for free or for a fee

There are two ways to unlock the fade.

  • free:One is one of the in-game itemsCollect 10 “fade pieces”That is.The fade piece isFree Battle PassIncluded in the reward ofRaise to Tier 25By doing so, 10 of these fade pieces will be collected.
  • Billing:If you want to use the fade quickly, you can unlock it immediately by charging.This is a paid in-game currency, SG (Syndicated Gold).750SGIs required.
  • Trial:If you just want to test the operation feeling, even if you do not unlock itCan be used in shooting training grounds..
APEX fade

Perhaps because it is limited to the mobile version, the fade is a slightly modest design as a new legend (the appearance is flashy). For players who are good at controlling the battle with pure turn aroundA challenging and rewarding legendYou can say that. After downloading APEX Mobile, proceed with the Battle Pass and try unlocking the fades.

“Apex Legends Mobile”iOSandAndroidWe are still accepting pre-registration.

APEX Mobile: Introducing a new mobile-only Legend Fade!A revenge warrior who makes full use of phase technology

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