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Season 13 “Savior” is underway in Respawn Entertainment’s “Apex Legends”. On June 15th, Outlands Stories “Family Business” was released, which depicts the lifeline before becoming a “fighting medic”.

Outlands Stories “Family Business”

The leading role this time islife lineSo, she is depicted before she was called a “fighting medic” in the Apex game.

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands: Family Business

Childhood friend Octane also appeared

Ajay Choi, a lifeline whose parents are riche weapons merchants, fought alone in the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian aid organization, to break the ties with his family.

The story is that Lifeline is trying to break into Silva’s factory to get medicine for disabled veterans and other patients who happen to be saved on the battlefield.

Apex Legends _ Stories from the Outlands_ Family Business 6-52 screenshot
You can also see young octane

A childhood friend of lifeline and a sergeant of Silva PharmaceuticalOctaneHowever, it appears with a real face that is not drawn in the game. In addition, it is a valuable episode in that you can see him running on both feet when he was not a prosthesis.

Please enjoy the act where you can feel the friendship between Lifeline and Octane, a childhood friend that both parents dislike.

Apex Legends _ Stories from the Outlands_ Family Business 10-16 screenshot
Seems to have participated in the Apex game after this episode


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Apex Legends: Outlands Stories Latest
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Apex Legends: Outlands Stories Latest