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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, free-to-play mobile FPS / battle royale game “Apex Legends Mobile” for Android / iOSReleased on May 18th.. The EAA !! team participated in the preliminary play as soon as possible, and asked various points from the development staff.

Participate in Apex Mobile Advance Play

Menu screen
Menu screen!

Even in Japan, “Apex Legends Mobile”, which will be officially released on May 18, can be enjoyed by those who have been familiar with the PC / consumer version and those who are new to mobile FPS.Unique contentorVarious convenient functionsIs included in large numbers.

Points of interest for APEX Mobile Q & A

HUD settings
Every part has been redesigned for mobile

“Apex Legends Mobile” has been devised in various ways to faithfully reproduce the game experience of Apex in the mobile version.

for exampleTwo layouts for the HUDYou can choose the one you like from the one for those who play Apex for the first time in the mobile version and the one for players who are familiar with the HUD layout of the PC / consumer version of Apex. Furthermore, these buttons can be freely customized in position and size.

What uniqueness do the development staff find in such a large-scale porting work, and what kind of prospects do they have in future updates? The following is a summary of the information found in the Q & A for developers conducted for the media.

  • “Apex Legends Mobile” development staff
    • Steve Hahnel: Apex Legends Relations
    • Myke Hoff: Product Senior Director
    • Dordan Patz: Design Director

What are the specifications of Apex Mobile’s Rankma?

  • question: Can Rank Match be played immediately after release?
  • Answer: Rank Match has also been introduced on mobile, but you can’t download it and play it right away.To participatePlayer level 8Is required.
  • question: How is the skill balance between players?
  • Answer: In matchmakingMatching in a way that balances skillsIt has become like. However, even if you join a team with players who have higher skills than you, you can contribute so that you do not feel alienated.
  • question: Is there a custom game mode?
  • Answer: For observer features that allow you to watch someone else’s play or your own replay in a custom matchOne of the features that may come in the futureAnd I hope all the players will look forward to it.
Battle screen
World’s Edge is also mobile!

Will the limited elements of the mobile version be strengthened?

  • question: Will there be a mobile-only map?
  • Answer:yes. Not only will you improve your existing maps for mobile,Mobile-only mapWill also support.
    • Note: Only World’s Edge is accessible in Batrois mode at release.Kings Canyon at a later date
  • question: Will Legends designed exclusively for the mobile version continue to appear?
  • Answer: When considering the IP development of the mobile version, we have talked about whether it should be the same game as the PC / consumer version or a different game.andThis discussion is not over yet..
Fade Profile 01
The staff is also exploring whether to proceed on their own route.

What about competition scenes and irregular play styles?

  • question: Do you have any plans for e-sports development like ALGS?
  • Answer: If it meets our criteria and is right for the player, we may consider esports in the future.butNothing has been decided so far..
  • question: Does it support one-handed play?
  • Answer: In past projects, we focused on the one-handed play function, but Apex Mobile is focusing on making the Apex experience mobile, so even considering the complexity of the game.One-handed play is not possible..
The store design is also unique to the mobile version

Updates will continue even after the release, but it turned out that the development staff has not decided whether to port the contents of the PC / consumer version to mobile in order, or whether the mobile version will go on its own route. rice field. Depending on the player feedback, it is possible that the legend’s face and map pool will be completely different in the future.

“Apex Legends Mobile”iOSandAndroidWe are still accepting pre-registration. Get ready for the May 18 release now.

May 18th delivery “Apex Legends Mobile” advance play report! Beyond the head family?A new epee experience that is not just a “mobile version”, such as unique modes and convenient functions

APEX Mobile: Introducing a new mobile-only Legend Fade!A revenge warrior who makes full use of phase technology

  • Title: Apex Legends Mobile
  • Delivery date: May 2022
  • Target model:iOS,, Android


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