Apex Legends December 1st update: Broken Moon improvement, Catalyst’s enhanced door can not be opened by drone, etc. | EAA !! FPS News (Yea / No)

“Apex Legends”, where the “Wintertide Collection Event” will be held from December 7th, has released the patch notes for the update delivered today on December 1st.

APEX Nov 30th Patch

  • Resolved an issue where historical kill death rates were not displaying correctly for some players.
  • Fixed her Knockout Shield working even when downed while deploying Catalyst’s ultimate.
  • In the Void, Wraith can now see doors closed by Catalyst’s passive.
  • While in the void, Wraith is immune to Catalyst’s ferrofluid.
  • Crypt’s drones can no longer open doors closed by Catalyst’s passive.
  • Fixed an issue where certain challenges were giving incorrect amounts of rewards.
  • Removed invisible collision that was blocking weapons (such as grenades) and abilities in Promenade in Broken Moon.
  • Fixed issues related to broken moons, removed hidden spots, and improved object collision detection.
  • Guns no longer float during Season 15 emotes.
  • Legends are now properly sized in the legend selection screen when returning to the lobby in certain situations.

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