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In the rugged world of competitive gaming, only one thing is certain: whoever is faster wins. This happens in racing games, in the MoBain fighting games and in the FPS more avant-garde. To win you need eye, dexterity, ingenuity and adequate technical support given by the hardware that is able to push the player’s skills to the maximum: the answer is AOC AGON PRO AG254FGand we explain why.

Functional design

The first impact with AOC AGON PRO AG254FG it’s cold, alien in a certain sense: the three-legged gray metal base of the arm that supports the screen immediately gives an idea of ​​aggressiveness and competition. As soon as we look up we come across the projector that will illuminate the base with the AGON logo once the “monster” is turned on. The arm that supports the monitor culminates with the classic sporty red elements already seen on other products of the brand. The lights stand out behind the monitors LIGHT FX LEDsinteresting if you have a wall that benefits from reflected lighting or if you want to enjoy the back lighting as you arrive at your location. The screen bezel is edge to edgewith a very thin line at the side edges and a more massive one at the bottom where the logo stands out AGON in red. Everything is set up to allow us to enjoy yours to the fullest 25 inches of breadth.

Game on

How does it behave AOC AGON PRO AG254FG? In practice we are faced with a monitor that could surprise the most demanding in terms of resolution, as we have a 1920×1080 or FULL HDbut as we know in the field of action, less is more (less is more) and this is where the monitor hits right on target giving us a refresh rate of full 360Hzyou read right, ed it is complex to explain how an image moves to that fluidity: the point is that once you see it, once your eye gets used to something like this, you would hardly want to go back, and when it comes to competition (since this monitor is designed especially for professionals) we are facing what we could define as the ultimate weapon. The input response time remains at 1msmore than competitive given that only OLED panels are capable of lowering this level and reaching 0.6 ms, all without giving up G-SYNC + NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer under IPS technology, i.e. bright and solid colors, and without forgetting about VESA HDR 400.

As we have already seen with the older brother AOC AGON AG493UCX2 the function HDR pays damn better when it comes to pure gaming and simple, or if you plan to watch a movie: i colors they will turn out hyper realisticsoft when needed and piercing in terms of lighting while we advise against keeping this function active on a daily basis for example when you surf on Google or write a text as the reds and whites will be too vivid and annoying. HDR 400 is optimal but only in terms of play or film entertainment, in any case you can disconnect it quickly and without too many problems.

The integrated speakers guarantee excellent sound performance, certainly we are not talking about a sound bar, but about speakers capable of making us immersed in the game just enough not to force us to buy additional speakers. The classic is also present ScreenShielda device that we have come to appreciate with practical use and which embeds the monitor by eliminating light refractions and making the game much easier in visual terms.

Fundamental the quick switch, also this now essential element in the brand, i.e. a practical keypad where you can pre-set up to 3 game profiles (of the six available) in order to change them on the fly with a practical click. Profiles: FPS, Racing Games, RTS And gaming 1 / 2 as well as a profile personalized by the user thanks to the dedicated software system. In fact, in the practical game you may find yourself comfortable by connecting a console like Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X|S supporting them up to 120Hz (maximum refresh of next generation consoles).

game off

How it actually behaves AOC AGON PRO AG254FG? Technically it is a exciting productperfect for those interested in jumping into the world of competitive gaming: basically there is everything, from the product customization system, to the Shadow Control – system that allows you to manage gray and light areas – optimal if combined with the HDR system for hyper-realistic colors.

Defects of AOC AGON PRO AG254FG? Technically there aren’t any: we’re talking about a sports car, as luxurious as needed, and it’s all substance, dedicated mainly to the player rather than to the leisure or work of an engineer or architect (to give two examples), it would be wasted in this sense. The cost of the product is quite highwe are certainly not talking about the monitor that you would give to your brother for school teaching, we are around €900 which can represent a high entry barrier but for those who want to compete at their bestyou have to be willing to think big.

AOC AGON PRO AG254FG it is the ultimate weapon for those looking for an uncompromising, fast and performing gaming monitor, suitable for professionals and designed especially for them.



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    AOC AGON PRO AG254FG is technically an exciting product, perfect for those interested in jumping into the world of competitive gaming: basically there is everything, from the product customization system, to Shadow Control, and practically free from defects in this sense. We’re talking a sports car, as luxurious as it takes, and it’s all substance. AOC AGON PRO AG254FG is the ultimate weapon for those looking for an uncompromising, fast and high-performance gaming monitor, suitable and designed for professionals.