anticipated the arrival of the exclusive PlayStation 5 on Steam?

Returnal PS5 Speedrun

Could the highly acclaimed Returnal, rogue-like third-person shooter from PlayStation 5 exclusive Housemarque, finally land on PC via Steam? According to a page from SteamDB, this could really be the case.

To discover this were some users who, consulting the huge database of data available to the public through the famous SteamDB site, they stumbled upon an anonymous title, the information of which would seem to be Returnal!
Although in fact the name Placeholder is currently “Oregon“, the tags and some information present in the various information sections on the title, give very little room for doubts.

The main clue can in fact be found in the localization strings, in which the term “Tower of Sisyphus“, The name of one of the game modes featured in Returnal! The ship is also mentioned “Helios“, Vehicle used by the protagonist to arrive on the alien planet


In short, this anticipation would seem to confirm once again the list of leaked Geforce NOW titles, leaked a few months ago.
The release of this exclusive on PC would then continue to demonstrate Sony’s great interest in the PC platformnow more and more supported by the exclusive games of the Japanese house!

Below you can find the offending Steam Database pageand two screenshots in case the page should be hidden in the future.

Good news for all players, who will be able to play one of the best titles of this early generation even without having a very rare PlayStation 5!

Recall that Returnal came out as a winner from the prestigious BAFTA 2022managing to conquer the title of “Game of the Year”, and that the co-op mode is available from March 22 thanks to the free Ascension update!

Source: SteamDB