announced the new season, full of many news

PG EsportsItaly’s leading tournament organizer, has officially announced the renewal of the Beyond PGthe channel Twitch dedicated to entertainment a 360 °. The company also revealed that the daily columns of the channel will be enriched, bringing a whole series of interesting news in this new season.

And already during this day of Monday 23 May, at 10.00 the first episode of a renewed one was staged Esports barwith Francesco “Deugemo” Lombardo which presented the news of competitive gaming in a single broadcast, offering an overview of the world of export, insights and special guests.

PG Esports he then confirmed that this year too the world of video games will play a role of primary importance in the program of Beyond PG on Tuesday. The Twitch channel will come alive starting at 3pm with Gamer Roomthe format that reveals the behind the scenes linked to the development and design of the most loved titles by fans in the company of Gianluca “Ualone” Loggia, historical pen of Italian videogame publishing, the well-known game designer Diego Ricchiuti and Simone “Akira” Trimarchi , one of the best known faces of Italian export.

Then to follow, at 17.00, streamer Gianluca “Pingu16” Piscedda will deal with Time Machine!what is defined as a real “dive into the past among the main videogame series”, allowing the public to get to know the video game series of the past, both the most successful and the less fortunate ones.

Finally the day of Beyond PG ends with a chat between friends, at 21.00: with the #GXCHATTINGan event directed by ours Sim and by the guys from Game-eXperience, intent on commenting together with the spectators on all the latest news from the videogame world.

But the news is not over yet, given that the schedule of

continues Wednesday at 11.00 with a complete news for the channel: here is the ! DigiTalkin the company of Alessandro “MingusTV” Carrozzo and special guest stars for each episode: a talk show that invites the public to discover all the secrets of the world of digital and communication, to get in touch with the new generation for which social, streaming and creativity are daily bread.

Then at 15.30 it will be held on Beyond PG the format N3RDZONEwhere the journalist Lorenzo Fantoni and the whole team of they will offer a valuable overview of the world of cinema, gadgets, TV series, collecting and more generally everything that revolves around pure and simple passion.

The new season of Beyond PG has started today

On the same day, however, at 8.00 pm, what is defined as a focus dedicated to one of the oldest and most popular disciplines: chess will be staged. With Chess on the piecein the company of Romualdo “Chess Society” Vitale and Franco di Mare, the fanatics of the chess world will find a little corner of paradise, where they can discover every square of the chessboard in detail and improve their techniques week after week.

Instead at 15:00 on Thursday the Gamer Roomfollowed by the Cosplay Lounge, at 9.00 pm, a space designed for cosplay fans at 360 °. In this case, Federica “IconStitch” Di Paolo, will lead the event, with fans who will be able to participate in real contests and there will be lounges where they can discuss hot topics of this entertainment niche, together with exceptional guest stars.

On the last day of the week, two formats already known on the channel will alternate: Raffaele “IlSolitoMute” Bottone, will invite fans to spend Friday in his company by participating in the Quiz show that will never go on TVwith questions and curiosities of all kinds, obviously with a pop culture theme, while Giulia “Juniper” Migliore will allow the public to put themselves in someone else’s shoes with In My Shoes. Already tested at trade fairs, the broadcast will prove to be a safe place where you can freely express yourself on the issues of inclusion, in a constant fight against prejudices.

And it doesn’t stop there: once a month it will come back Brainstream, the talk show with dr. Mauro “Mauropsycho” Lucchetta, who each time will face a different guest with his “Psycho-interview”. In short, there is certainly no shortage of news on Beyond PGwhich is once again confirmed as a project capable of involving and entertaining everyone, from the inveterate gamer to the simple pop culture enthusiast, but with all the skills to make people reflect and carry on the important issues of inclusion.

The conversation started with fans in recent seasons continues and deepens, creating at the same time a loyal community. The first appointment to report on the agenda is today, at 10.00, with the Esports barbut PG Esports is ready to accompany the community until the end of the summer with its refreshing schedule: stay tuned!