announced the new card game!

Marvel Snap is a title that you have most likely never heard of yet, after all it is a game that has just been announced. We are faced with a new card game entirely dedicated to the Marvel world.

If you too are a fan of much-loved superheroes then you certainly can’t miss it and we recommend that you stay with us to find out everything about it. No more chatting and let’s start right away, you will certainly not be disappointed!

Marvel Snap: the card game dedicated to the Marvel world is here!

You understood well, Marvel Snap is nothing more than a collectible card game dedicated to the Marvel world currently in development at Second Dinner in collaboration with the publisher Nuverse. A fantastic new adventure that neither fans of the genre nor fans of famous superheroes can miss.

In practice we are faced with a free-to-play title designed for PC and Mobile that brings together all the characters most appreciated by the public in a great war between super fighters. L‘goal will obviously be to collect new cards and build stronger and stronger decks to achieve victory!

Marvel Snap

In total, we find over 150 Marvel characters that certainly are not few, so you can be sure that your favorite will certainly not be missing.

The production is very promising as among the various developers and creators we also find many brilliant minds and above all accustomed to the genre, just think that some of them have already taken part in the development of Heartstone, one of the most loved card games ever, in the past.

Marvel Snap

In short, the premises are all there, between the experience of the developers and the incredible fame of the Marvel world, the formula seems to be the winning one. We have nothing left to do but leave you at trailer below and give you an appointment at the next article!