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Marvel Snap: announced the new card game

Marvel Snap is a title that probably doesn’t suggest anything to you, at least for a little while longer. When there are brilliant minds behind a game we can take a small sigh of relief on the quality of the upcoming work. For heaven’s sake, there have been cases in which names are not enough to package a valid product, but by those who have based a career by creating a progenitor of the genre we expect nothing less than a big game.

We are obviously talking about Ben Brode, former game director for Hearthstone who left Blizzard a few years ago to devote himself to future projects. Once the tear dried, the attention shifted to these fateful projects that until now had not obtained a name. Marvel Snap will be the first title developed by Second Dinner and will be a card game for all platforms. Just like Heartstone this will be playable on mobile and PC, sharing collection and progress for the most continuous experience possible.

From the long announcement trailer that we had the pleasure of seeing we can see many details that herald a complex and graphically splendid game. The characters are taken directly from the Marvel comics world, from the most disparate sagas, and placed inside the cards in the best possible way. These will in fact be equipped with three-dimensional effects and based on the hero, or villain, that we will put into play we will have various graphic effects on the battlefield.

Trying to talk about the gameplay itself, we still don’t have enough information to express ourselves properly. In the video we are told that we will have to control different areas of the map and conquer the Cosmic Cube to win the game, if we are sure of our victory we will also be able to raise the stakes by performing a Snap. We still have no idea what this mechanic leads to but seeing the small decks, only 12 cards, we expect short, dynamic and really fun games. For other news, guides and original content, keep following us here on MonkeyBit and on our social networks.