announced Bel’Veth, the new vacuum champion

Let’s go back to talking about League of Legends with news that could excite all fans of this MOBA video game, since Riot Games today through a video in computer graphics, unveiled the new champion, Bel’Veth the Empress of the Void.

In the video distributed online that presents the character and you can also view at the end of the article, Kai’Sa finds herself in a new and terrifying manifestation of the Voidin the indigo ocean, and while she is intent on peering around herself she finally discovers the terrible person responsible.

Kai’sa, I am all that the void has consumed. And just as I devoured this city, I will devour your world.

Bel’Veth states, before engaging in a fight with Kai’sa, who is clear that she could hardly get the better of the Empress of the Void.

You disappoint me Kai’sa, I am not a mere spawn of the Void. I am much more, I am the end of your world and the birth of mine.

The description of the sample gives us roughly an indication of what could be its dangerousness:

  • Born after the void consumes an entire city, Bel’Veth’s body is entirely new, but her mind contains information from millennia of magic, knowledge and life experiences from all who have been absorbed by the void.

There is no denying it, the announcement of Bel’Veth’s entry into the League of Legends has undoubtedly been very effectiveand makes us assume that it brings with it respectable skills, equated with the majesty of the character.

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