an ambitious new horror title!

Choo-Choo Charles could be the next mass phenomenon and spiritual successor of Poppy Playtime. Despite the innocent title given to the game (Choo-Choo Charles) it is a innovative and ambitious horror independently developed by a single person.

Two Star Games it is in fact composed solely of its creator, who is also the developer of the titles it publishes. The most famous and awarded it certainly is “My Beautiful Paper Smile”, winner of several awards and praised by users and critics.

Two Star Games is known for its unmistakable style, characterized by presence of deliberately imprecise pencil lines, which are also reprized in Choo-Choo Charles, although it is a title in 3D it’s at open world.

What is Choo-Choo Charles?

It is a survival horror in first person, set on an abandoned island characterized by the presence of a sinister murderous figure: it is a train with spider legs and with a gruesome face, which intent will be to do away with any being that hinders its path. Although little is known about the plot, the developer has repeatedly reiterated that the narrative component it will be quite full-bodied and will characterize part of the gaming experience.

What makes the title special is the innovative displacement system: the island is crossed in almost all its extension by rails, and the protagonist will be able to reach the points of interest on the map thanks to a locomotive which can be improved and customized. It will also be the only means by which to strike the mysterious figure with spider legs, being equipped with a machine gun.

Little is known about the release date, but it should be planned for late 2022 or early 2023, still being in the active phase of development. You can see the game announcement trailer below:

This is the game page on Steam, in case you want to add it to your wishlist!