Amber Heard heavily cut from Aquaman 2? This is about Jason Momoa

That’s why we’ll see very little of her in the next DC movie

Chemistry is fundamental in any type of relationship, especially if it concerns subjects who are apparently difficult to manage such as Amber Heardthe ex-wife of Johnny Depp currently engaged in a long cause – a real media phenomenon – with the former pirate of the Caribbean. The evidence presented to date in the courtroom is painting a very unflattering image of her, making her appear rather unstable and manipulative, as well as obsessed with attention – of course until the verdict is expressed it will soon be to say where the reason lies and where the wrong.

However, the details that have emerged on the reason for the recent cuts that have affected his role, that of Merain Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomsecond chapter of the saga DC Comics starring the handsome Jason Momoa. Apparently the role of Amber Heard in the film has been drastically reduced, to the point that we will see very few scenes with her in the whole film.

Amber Heard: “I had to fight to be a part of the film. They didn’t want to include me “:

These are the words of the actress, who then added: “I was given the script. Then they handed me new versions where some action scenes involving my character had been cut. Without spoilers, there is talk of a quarrel and a battle between two characters. Basically they eliminated a lot of parts of my role, a lot of scenes ”.

The alleged real reasons for these cuts, however, emerged last Thursday, when the actress’s agent spoke, Jessica Kovacevictouching precisely the topic of the problems that arose with Warner Bros. She claims to believe, personally, that the reason is the possible bad publicity that the actress, given the recent events, would do to the film, however the production studio supports a different reason.

According to Warner Bros. the problem would be, in fact, the “Lack of chemistry” between Amber Heard And Jason Momoa, star of the film. The original plan was indeed to change the actress, but the ex-wife’s insistence Depp it allowed her to keep the role, albeit heavily downsized, forcing herself too A.D to review the evolution of the character in the film.

The actor Jason Momoa has recently started following the social profiles of Johnny Depptacitly demonstrating his support for his reason in the process, so it is not too surprising that the idea between him and Amber Heard you lack the chemistry to work well together. The end of the trial is expected for May 27th, then it will be up to the jury to decide whether or not the actress is guilty, accused of defamation by her ex-husband.