Alza discounted Xbox Series XS consoles and one PS5 bundle

Alza has hers again promotion with discounts of 10% to 20%, where all three new consoles were discounted this time. Specifically, the basic Series S went for 241 euros, the Series X with Forza went for 467 euros and the PS5 with Call of Duty went for 548 euros


However, the PS5 still has discounts from the previous event where the full version is PS5 for 499 euros a digital for 549 euros. Xbox also has Xbox Series X bundled with Diablo IV for 549 euros, however, this is the price without the discount.


Gamepads now have a discount on the new Dualsense Edge, which is at full price for 239 euros.

Cell phones

Samsung mobile phones received a nice promotion, where many new versions have a discount of 10, 15, and the highest versions even 20%. Ultra thus went down by 240 euros

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A watch

Similarly, Samsung also has promotions in watches

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If you want basic M.2 drives, Samsung is in this promotion, but you can find cheap ones from other companies outside of the promotion.


OLEDs from LG and Philips are on sale again, and Hisense also has one. Samsung has QLEDs on sale

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