also David Jaffe, the father of Kratos, annoyed by too many suggestions

God of War Ragnarok has been received quite positively by most gamers. Some, however, seem to be unhappy with the puzzles present in the game. Not so much because of the complexity, as for the numerous and excessive advice that the title provides. He spoke on this issue also the original creator of the series, David Jaffe.

Jaffe has revealed that he appreciates God of War Ragnarok but has also admitted that the criticisms for the presence of numerous suggestions to players are sensible. Putting himself in the shoes of the development house, however, he stated: “I understand why they do this. Games like this cost a lot of money and moments of blocking in the face of these costs represent death. I guess this is one of the things that the team had tested and where some difficulties emerged. I can imagine the feedback that has come and this is the result. Within a second of encountering a main puzzle, the game literally tells you what to do to move forward“.

Jaffe himself revealed that these tips will no longer be turned off completely: “It’s annoying but it’s also necessary. I can totally understand the caution Santa Monica has had to maintain within the game thus far“.


And what do you think of God of War Ragnarok? Have you already kicked off the new journey of the Spartan from PlayStation? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Before saying goodbye, we refer you to our review of the game. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the touts are back on the attack. But you can get a copy of the game in the PS5 or PS4 version by booking it directly from the Amazon box below. The game, we recall, is nominated for ten awards at the Game Awards. It also competes for the title of Game of the Year.

Source: Twitter