“already chosen another director for the film”

A tranchant statement that leaves room – lots of room – for hopes and speculations. John Carpenter speaks in an interview granted to the Variety portal. The master director of tension, already signatory of cult films such as “The Thing” and “1997: Escape from New York”, he had previously expressed his appreciation for Dead Space. The direction of a film inspired by the series born from Visceral Game and ready to return with a remake curated by EA Motive, we knew was in Carpenter’s dreams. The director had clearly expressed the desire not too long ago.

With the release of Dead Space Remake on PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S approaching, Variety seized the opportunity to ask Carpenter a few more questions about this passion for Isaac Clarke’s ‘misadventures’ aboard USG Ishimura. Carpenter, after a few moments of hesitation would have let slip a particular statement: “they have already chosen another director”. Taken as it is, the sentence leaves little room for other interpretations: plans for a film exist and negotiations are already underway. In short, Carpenter could have ‘spoiled’ information that at this point only needs to be official.

We have already seen a similar – very similar – case in the very recent past. In mid-2022, during an interview, Christophe Gans anticipated that he was back at work on a film dedicated to Silent Hill, over 15 years after the first time. Not only that, Gans also anticipated the existence of several projects on the Konami brand. Information then confirmed and explained in detail by the Japanese company. Of course, each case has its own story and does not necessarily constitute the piece of a pattern. Dead Space and Silent Hill have practically nothing in common. Still, the déjà vu of the situation bodes well. The full interview is available in the link at the bottom.


Speaking of dead Space, the game is expected on January 27th. You can book it from the Amazon box below.

Source: variety