almost 200,000 people want it, these are the signatures collected by the petition

The ball now passes to Bend Studio which will have the opportunity to listen to the fans – on the path already traced by the Embracer Group – or go straight ahead and produce whatever it wants. The fact is that the fans have spoken loud and clear. Almost 200,000 have gathered under to ask the software house to open construction sites on Days Gone 2 or, if the works were already underway, to give some news. It means that in recent months, to the already 150,000, a further 50,000 signatures have been added.

At the moment, however, there are no concrete clues about Bend Studio’s real intentions. The director of Days Gone, already months ago, left the studio to join the Crystal Dynamics gang. It is therefore legitimate to expect the signature of Jeff Ross under the next work of the company which, at this point, is expected to be linked to Legacy of Kain or Soul Reaver.

There is a difference between Crystal Dynamics and Bend Studio though. On the one hand, in fact, we have a survey promoted by the company which therefore has shown that it is already interested in the development of a new chapter in the series (or a reboot / remake / remastered something). More difficult to imagine, at the moment, a Days Gone 2. Bend Studio, in fact, if it is working on something, it is doing it in a very silent way (on the false line of Konami for Silent Hill).


Doubts also about the purely technical innovations to be implemented in a future work, whatever it may be. It seems that the graphics engine could be the appropriately customized Decima Engine. A very similar dynamic, with Guerrilla Games playing the part of the good Samaritan – perhaps, but it is a personal opinion, also thanks to the intercession of Hermen Hulst, former director of the Software House and now coordinator of PlayStation Studios – as already done with Kojima Productions for Death Stranding.

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