all the news of Vector Glare and Year 7

Ubisoft had the opportunity today to announce the operation Vector Glareor the second of theRainbow Six Siege Year 7which will be launched on the day of June 7, 2022. Let’s talk about various innovations that will have the opportunity to be introduced.

We start first from Sensa new operator from Belgiumwith also a new Deathmatch map and phase one of the reputation system that will bring the Privacy Mode and further updates into the field, with also narrative changes and improvements regarding the gameplay of the game.

The focus of this operation is strategy, with the new attacker who with his military experience and psychological training will use a gadget capable of leaving projectors behind and self-destructing after time. These they will block the view of the players with beams of light, thus making the approaches against Sens particularly risky, especially if he is accompanied by other members of the team. Sens will use as primary weapons POF-9 or a 417with 9mm SDP or Skirts-6 as a secondary, presenting low speed and a lot of defense as stats.

With the launch of the new Vector Glare season of Rainbow Six Siege a map will also be added to Greece, Close Quarteror the first designed for the speed of the operators and not for the defense setups, with a circular structure and a good series of lines of fire from which to attack opponents, thus presenting as a unique experience in Rainbow Six Siege compared to what we have seen so far.

The reputation system it is specifically designed to regulate user behavior, which sets itself the goal of fixing everything in the future. Reverse friendly fire will be enabled for all those who often attack teammates, with two warnings before everything is activated and the sanction that will be removed only after several games without having attacked any teammates.

I’m also coming two new tools: the Shooting range, where to practice and test the damage of the weapons and the various modifications of these, together with various recoils and setups with which to practice before jumping into the game. A will also be entered guide for operators explaining skills, gadgets and advice for defense and attack strategy.

Finally, a tertiary slot for the gadgets of some secondary weapons and an option to adjust the sensitivity of the screen movement for when it is shaken will also be inserted. Siege’s narrative shift will see operators split into specialized units, with these working together to globally protect the world like Rainbow.

Rainbow six siege year 7

There Wolfguard Squadwith a charitable approach, will be formed by Lion, Montagne, Nomad, Twitch, Ying, Sens,
Clash, Melusi, Bandit, Frost, Thunderbird, Castle and dal leader: Doc. In partnership with SEGA, Ubisoft also announced two exclusive bundles of skins created with the Yakuza franchise in mind, with one inspired by Kaoru Sayama available for Hibanda and one inspired to Kiryu Kazuma available for Echo. The latter will also receive an elite Yakuza-inspired skin in the future.

Finally, we are dealing with a player reactivation programwith the ability to choose up to four friends who haven’t played in Year 7 and play 5 games together for big rewards, from exotic Battle Pass skins to points, as well as new Year 6 operators.