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Destiny 2: all the news of the Season of the Tormented

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted is finally here, despite all the mystery that Bungie has hovered around this event, in the end, from its trailer some things are already quite clear. For example, the next 3.0 class that everyone suspected will be the solar onewill receive some changes that are visible in the video itself, a prime example are the animations of some skills such as the throwing of the hunter’s knife or the titan’s hammer.

The most obvious thing we can see in the trailer is this season’s setting which will be in an old dungeon dear to many fans of the game: the Leviathan. This time, however, it will be invaded by darkness with related nightmares, which we will have to eliminate to clean up the area, each of them will be linked to some of the characters we have known with the past campaigns or Zavala, the crow And Cayatl. We also hope to learn more about each of them and their history.

As for the raid we still don’t know much but it will be introduced on Friday 27 May 2022, orobviously There will also be seasonal weapons that we know are 5 exclusive to the new season and 4 to the old menagerie, unfortunately we don’t know if this particular mode will be reintroduced even if the fans would like it very much. There will also be 5 other sets of armor that we can get with the new seasonal activities, both daily and weekly.

This and more has been introduced in the new Destiny 2 season, we are already working to explore them and look for ways to facilitate the farming of weapons and armor. So expect many new guides, in the meantime we invite you to write what you think of the changes to the gameplay of the title, here in the comments and we remind you to stay tuned to MonkeyBit for always fresh news but above all to be always updated on the world of video games and cinema .