all the news of the daily reset (May 27)

Hello guardian!

Here we are now constant contribution of ICrewPlay in indicating all the daily news Destiny 2. Mum’s well-known first person shooter Bungiein fact, it is subject to stable rotation from rewards and activitiesthat’s worth it see together.

I will point you out what has changed compared to yesterday and what you will have to go through to get 90 pieces for improve your arsenal!

Before starting, however, I want to remind you of two things: the first is that the secret has finally arrived “Duality“, Part of the season of the Tormented and that will allow you to get not alone new and fresh rewardsbut also best in case you want to try it a greater difficulty.

The second, on the other hand, is relative to the Friday Destiny 2: in fact, it has come to cheer up this intense weekend too Xurmerchant of exotic of the popular first person shooter, established in a remote point of the game map and ready to give you his loot in exchange for his treasures!

Destiny 2: Heroic Lost Sector of the day

The Lost Sector is now online in Destiny 2 Communion R1placed again in the meanders of the moon.

If you try to grapple with it on increased difficulty (1550) and in aloneknow that inside you will find:

  • Champions Barrier And Overloads;
  • Embers solar;
  • Shields from empty And solar;
  • Arac-NO! how modifier (when defeated, fallen vandals activate a mine at their feet).

As a reward, however, it is the turn of the exotic for the arms (and I remind you that you will get the one, among the following, absent in your collection, or one random in case you have them all).

For titan are available:

  • No Backup Plan (When vacuum melee energy is at maximum, shotgun final blows provide you with vacuum protection and consume melee energy. Shotgun final blows give you a they also provide energy for the melee);

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 2

  • Cloak of the Glacial Landslide (Replaces the Barricade skill with an additional personal shield. When you activate Barricade, you create an explosion around you that slows the fighters. While you have the additional shield, your movements are slower and the Barricade skill does not recharge.)

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 3

For sorcerer are available:

  • Handcuffs of Nothingness (You gain an additional charge of Dispersive Grenade. Activates tracking of Dispersive Grenade shells);

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 4

  • Gloves of Osmiomancy (Your Ice Grip Grenades have an additional charge that restores faster after direct impact. The tracer generated by Ice Grip Grenades has a longer travel time);

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 5

  • Necrotic handles (Damaging fighters poisons them with a substance that deals damage over time. Defeating a poisoned fighter spreads his condition to nearby targets.)

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 6

For soccer player are available:

  • Vices of Renewal (Your Twilight Grenades have a much wider range of effect. Allies within range of Twilight Grenades take reduced damage and targets within the area deal reduced damage);

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 7

  • Athrys hug (Balanced Knife gains a second bounce. Quick precision strikes with your weapons give Balanced Knife a significant damage bonus and the ability to stun fighters without shields for a short time. Powered Balanced Knife is effective against unstoppable champions ).

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 8

Destiny 2: Source

As for Sorgente, on the other hand, it has now changed in its structure from attack and if you complete it you can get the combat bow Fierce nonsense (in addition to the Veritas armor).

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 9


They are also available from Banshee-44 (in Destiny 2 Tower) the following changes:

  • Specification of the bosses (increases damage against bosses and vehicles);
  • Minor specification (deals extra damage against simple enemies);
  • Major specification (deals extra damage against powerful enemies);
  • Handle of Icarus (improves accuracy when in the air).

destiny 2 banshee

Same goes for Ada-1which this time sells:

  • Magazine for linear fusion rifles (increases reload speed for Linear Fusion Rifles; requires 4 Energy);
  • Sidearm plunderer (sidearms that use special ammo gain bonus reserves when you collect special ammo; requires 2 energy);
  • Supreme Source Creator (Using the super generates three stasis elemental sources around you. Does not apply to Crucible, Trials, and Iron Banner; requires 3 stasis energy);
  • Strengthening detonation (Grants class skill energy when dealing damage with a grenade; requires 1 void energy).

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 27) 10

Altars of torment

Finally I inform you that the drop of the Altars of Torment consists of the rocket launcher Heretic.

And this is how dear guardian, see you tomorrow with Destiny 2!