all the news of the daily reset (May 26)

Hello guardian!

Here we are now constant contribution of ICrewPlay in showing you all the daily news Destiny 2. Mum’s well-known first person shooter Bungiein fact, it is subject to stable rotation from rewards and activitiesthat’s worth it see together.

I will show you, therefore, what has changed compared to yesterday and what you will have to go through to get 90 pieces for improve your arsenal!

Destiny 2: Heroic Lost Sector of the day

The Heroic Lost Sector is now online in Destiny 2 Revelation R1, at the top right of the map of the moon (and to be more precise inside the Port of Torment).

As a reward, however, it is the turn of the exotic for the legs (and I remind you that you will get the one, among the following, absent in your collection, or one random in case you have them all).

For titan it’s available:

  • The Via dei Passi Ardenti (Solar final blows periodically provide an increasing bonus to weapon damage. It is harder to slow or freeze in stasis, and when you free yourself from it you take no damage, creating solar energy around you.)

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (April 1) 2

For sorcerer are available:

  • Assembler Leggings (Being on a Healing Source creates noble tracer shells that seek out your allies outside a source and heal them. Being on an Amplifying Source creates noble tracers that provide you and your allies with a bonus to damage. Whenever a noble tracer reaches one of your allies, the duration of your Source is briefly extended as long as you are on it);

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (April 1) 3

  • Secant filaments (Creating an Amplifying Source grants you Devour. Damage dealt by you and your allies from within the Amplifying Source disturbs the fighters.)
Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (April 1) 4

For soccer player are available:

  • Scales of the Star Eater (You gain additional super energy when you collect orbs of Power. As long as your super energy is full, picking up an orb of Power will supercharge your super, healing you the moment it is thrown and providing a bonus to the super damage. , you also get additional protection);

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (April 1) 5

  • Radiant dance machine (Activating the Dodge skill near targets allows you to perform it multiple times for a short time.)

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (April 1) 6

Destiny 2: Source

Source’s attack mode now leaves room for a defencewhich will allow you to get, in addition to the Veritas armor, also the grenade launcher Damn (necessary to complete one of the reports of the Hidden ones of the Enclave, so you’ll want to try until you get it with the Resonance of the Deep Sight).

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 26) 2


They are also available from Banshee-44 (in Destiny 2 Tower) the following changes:

  • Counterbalance stock (reduces the recoil of this weapon);
  • Minor specification (deals extra damage against enemies;
  • Specific fury (increases the duration of Fury);
  • Specific dragonfly (increases the radius of Dragonfly’s explosion).

destiny 2 banshee

Same goes for Ada-1which this time sells:

  • Sidearm loader (increases the reload speed of sidearms; requires 2 energy);
  • Sidearm holster (Gradually reloads stowed sidearms. You can stack multiple copies of this perk to reduce the time it takes to fully reload; requires 2 Energy);
  • Fire light (Quickly defeating targets by exploding a warmind cell generates an orb of Power; requires 4 of solar energy);
  • Holster for sidearm (increases chances of finding heavy ammo when equipping a sword; requires 2 energy).

Altars of Torment

I finish by telling you the daily reward of the Altars of Tormentconsisting of the sniper rifle Apostate.

And this is what guardian, see you tomorrow on Destiny 2!