all the news of the daily reset (May 24)

Hello guardian!

Here we are now constant contribution of ICrewPlay in showing you all the daily news Destiny 2. Mum’s well-known first person shooter Bungiein fact, it is subject to stable rotation from rewards and activitiesthat’s worth it see together.

I will show you, in view of all this, what has changed compared to yesterday and what you will have to go through to get 90 pieces for improve your arsenal!

Destiny 2: Heroic Lost Sector of the day

The Heroic Lost Sector is now online in Destiny 2 Bay of Drowned Wisheslocated south of the map of the Dreaming City (and to be more precise in the Divalian Mists).

you will try to grapple with it in solo know that the recommended Power will be 1550 and that inside you will find:

  • Champions Unstoppable And Overloads;
  • Embers to arch;
  • Shields from empty;
  • Predator’s shield such as modifier.

As a reward, however, it is the turn of the exotic for the arms (and I remind you that you will get the one, among the following, absent in your collection, or one random in case you have them all).

For titan are available:

  • No Backup Plan (When vacuum melee energy is at maximum, shotgun final blows provide you with vacuum protection and consume melee energy. Shotgun final blows give you a they also provide energy for the melee);

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 24) 2

  • Cloak of the Glacial Landslide (Replaces the Barricade skill with an additional personal shield. When you activate Barricade, you create an explosion around you that slows the fighters. While you have the additional shield, your movements are slower and the Barricade skill does not recharge.)

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 24) 3

For sorcerer are available:

  • Handcuffs of Nothingness (You gain an additional charge of Dispersive Grenade. Activates tracking of Dispersive Grenade shells);
Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 24) 4

Destiny 2: Source

As for Source, attack has given way to defenceand so the reward changed to the sniper rifle Sins of the Father.

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 24) 9


They are also available from Banshee-44 (in Destiny 2 Tower) the following changes:

  • Major specification (deals extra damage against powerful enemies);
  • Freehand grip (increases accuracy and the weapon is ready to use faster when firing without aiming);
  • Aim regulator (this weapon gets better acquisition);
  • Specific dragonfly (increases the radius of Dragonfly’s explosion).

destiny 2 banshee

Same goes for Ada-1which this time sells:

  • Reserve for fusion rifles (increases the amount of portable ammo for fusion rifles; requires 2 energy);
  • Dexterity of laser rifles (lasguns are ready to use and store faster; requires 3 energy);
  • Extra reserves (When charged with Light, defeating fighters with Void damage gives a chance to drop special ammo. This effect consumes the entire Charge of Light. The more Charge units you have, the greater your chance of obtaining; vacuum energy);
  • Fury of the war mind (Adds additional solar damage to the explosions of the warmind cells you destroy; requires 5 of solar energy).

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 24) 10

Altars of Torment

I finish by telling you the daily reward of the Altars of Tormentconsisting of the rocket launcher Heretic.

And this is what guardian, see you tomorrow on Destiny 2!