all the news of the daily reset (May 21)

Hello guardian!

Here we are now constant contribution of ICrewPlay in showing you all the daily news Destiny 2. Mum’s well-known first person shooter Bungiein fact, it is subject to stable rotation from rewards and activitiesthat’s worth it see together.

I will show you, in view of all this, what has changed compared to yesterday and what you will have to go through to get 90 pieces for improve your arsenal!

Destiny 2: Heroic Lost Sector of the day

The Heroic Lost Sector is now active Veles labyrinthlocated on the right in the map of the Cosmodrome (and to be more precise in the Forgotten Beach).

If you try to grapple with it in solo (and I remind you that the Recommended Power is 1550), know that inside you will find:

  • Champions Unstoppable And Barrier;
  • Embers arched;
  • Shields to arch And solar;
  • Rejects such as modifier (radar is disabled).

As a reward, however, it is the turn of the exotic for the chest Destiny 2 (and I remind you that you will get the one, of the following, absent in your collection, or one random in case you have them all).

For titan are available:

  • Mail of the Shooting Star (Considerably increases the damage on impact of Lightning Collision. You gain additional protection whose duration increases as the distance traveled before hitting a target increases);

  • Bianghiaccio-Z (When you use the stasis subclass, your Barricade becomes a wall of stasis crystals that slows down nearby targets. Taking cover behind this barricade increases reload speed, stability, and weapon range for you and your allies.)
Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 21) 2

For soccer player it’s available:

  • Omniocole (While invisible, you gain a second charge of smoke bomb and damage resistance. An ally made invisible by you gains damage resistance for the duration of invisibility, while you gain melee energy).

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 21) 3

For sorcerer it’s available:

  • Mantle of Battle Harmony (Final blows with weapons whose damage matches the element of your subclass provide you with super energy. If the super energy is full, you gain a temporary bonus to damage from weapons of the type corresponding to the element of your subclass).
Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 21) 4

Destiny 2: Source

As for Sorgente, on the other hand, it has now changed in its structure from attackand if you complete it you can get the Auto Rifle Happening (in addition to the Veritas armor).

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 21) 5


They are also available from Banshee-44 (in Destiny 2 Tower) the following changes:

  • Spare charger (increases the capacity of the magazine);
  • Handle of Icarus (improves accuracy when in the air);
  • Radar tuner (the radar reappears immediately after stopping aiming);
  • Snap handle (temporarily increases draw and aiming speed after shooting).

destiny 2 banshee

Same goes for Ada-1which this time sells:

  • Anti-jerk for bow (reduces enemy fire stagger when aiming with a bow; requires 4 energy);
  • Dexterity of Fusion Rifles(fusion rifles are ready to use and store faster; requires 4 energy);
  • Chosen of the Warring Mind (picking up or destroying a wartime cell creates a percussive blast that repels enemies; requires 1 arc energy);
  • Holster for automatic rifle (Gradually reloads stowed Auto Rifles. You can stack multiple copies of this perk to reduce the time it takes to fully reload; requires 2 Energy).

Destiny 2: all the news of the daily rotation (May 21) 6

Altars of Torment

I finish by telling you the daily reward of the Altars of Tormentconsisting of the rocket launcher Heretic.

And this is what guardian, see you tomorrow with Destiny 2!