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LIVE a LIVE (and both are pronounced as “live stream”, in case you were wondering), was a JRPG published by Square, originally released for the Super Famicom in 1994. Although the game was well received by those who played there, it did not sell very well, which prevented him from making the leap from Japan onto the world stage. Now, almost three decades later, LIVE has LIVE reaching the rest of the world. If you are not sure about this experimental game, try the demo! Here are all the playable characters in the LIVE a LIVE demo.

All playable characters in the LIVE a LIVE demo

The LIVE to LIVE remake demo on Nintendo Switch lets you play through the introductory parts of three of the game’s scenarios. For those who didn’t know, LIVE a LIVE features seven different scenarios set throughout history, each with its own story and protagonist. , all finally converging at the end. All of these protagonists not only have different abilities, but also different rules and playstyles that govern their stories.

The settings and characters that you can try in the LIVE a LIVE demo are:

  • Imperial China: The Successor – Earthen Heart Shifu
  • Distant Future: Clockwork Heart – Cube
  • Twilight of Edo Japan: The Infiltrator – Oboromaru

Heart of Earth Master

Earthen Heart Shifu is the ancient master of Earthen Heart kung fu. Wise and skilled, he seeks new disciples to pass on his personal martial arts style while there is still time.

As a kung fu master, Shifu starts at level 10, with much higher stats and a wider range of abilities than most other protagonists. However, because he is in his twilight years, he can no longer gain strength. This means that he cannot level up or learn new skills; what you start the stage with is all you get, though your followers can level up normally when they join you.


As a worker and support robot built by a mechanic on the civilian freighter Cogito Ergo Sum, Cube gradually discovers what it means to be an intelligent creature as the crew teaches him more about the world.

Since Cube is not human, he cannot level up either. That’s not much of a problem though, as his story only has one combat encounter at the end. Rather than a traditional RPG, Cube’s story is more like a visual novel, requiring the player to make decisions and memorize to escape dangerous situations.

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Oboromaru is a rookie shinobi tasked by the Enma Clan with rescuing a power-hungry Ode Clan politician, who seeks to throw Japan into chaos and seize control of all that remains.

Oboromaru is one of the more normal characters, starting at level 1 and gradually gaining strength and abilities as he wins fights and gains XP. He can do decently well in a fight, though as a ninja, nonviolence is also a viable path. Oboromaru possesses the ability to disappear from sight in the overworld, allowing him to avoid combat entirely. While the choice to fight or hide is ultimately up to you, Oboromaru will keep a running tally of every enemy he kills throughout the story.

Any progress you make with these three characters can be saved and transferred to the full version of LIVE a LIVE. You also don’t need to complete one scenario to move on to another; You can return to the scenario selection screen at any time to jump into someone else’s adventure, then return to the first one and pick up where you left off when you’re ready.

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