Alice in Borderland 2 – Review, the hunt for the figures!

Alice in Borderlands come back to Netflix today December 22, 2022after putting us on hold for a long time due to the pandemic, with his second season, which in a certain sense goes to give us quite a few of the explanations we were waiting for from the beginning. The events of Arisu, Usagi and companions continue where they left off, i.e. with i game of cards with fully finished numbers, and with those of the figures ready to decimate the players. As we had understood right in the finale of the first season, behind the figures there are hidden challenges, and above all very particular personalities, who in a certain way will be able to leave their mark. But what does this season look like?

Divided, united

Alice in Borderland 2 opens directly with the “introduction” of the most dangerous and lethal character that so far the players have had to face: the King of Spades. This is nothing but one of the games to be overcome, only that the whole city will be an area at his disposal, and he will not give anyone discounts: whoever meets him is destined to be killed. The aim of the players is to kill him, and never as in this case does the matter seem complicated. However, it is only one of the characters behind the figures, and there are 11 more lethal challenges which must be overcome. We mention him especially, because it is the first great motivation that will see the group of survivors split upwith the various protagonists who will be in different parts of Tokyo and who will face different games.

Without going into detail about some tests, which will be to say the least tasty and intriguing to followknow that in addition to the actual action, there will be a lot of space (even more than the first season) for get to know the various characters better, whether they are players or figures. This is an aspect that should not be underestimated, because doing so, and maintaining an excellent pace in the narrative and in the continuation of events, is no small matter. You will very much lose sight of the “visa” situation to stay in Borderland and survive, since for our protagonists it will almost never be named: the sensation that one has, is that the players are both hunted and hunters at the same time, but that time is no longer one of the constants hanging over their heads like a sword of Damocles.

This second season will indeed see you doing many guesses, especially towards the final lines, and for every answer you get, there will always be another question popping up. You will empathize, you will hate, and you will ask yourself many times “why”.

Making a quick comparison with the events narrated instead in the original work, that is Haso mangawe can say that the events, although some have been modified – such as a couple of cuts in the secondary characters who are seen for a while, or the inclusion of certain characters on other occasions to “justify” showing the game on TV, or even some events that have however been transposed, but relocated to different times – faithfully reflect the various events, and certainly fans of the comic book won’t have too much to complain about.

In all, it is about a decidedly entertaining seasonalthough some interpretations have left something to be desired, especially when it comes to scenes in which – without spoilers – some characters they showed almost no pain for serious or very serious injuries (which could also be a directorial choice, but which does not go well with logic, in some borderline cases). The fulcrum but it clearly is introspectionthe search for oneselfthe fact that by many people this world be taken almost as a purgatory to expiate one’s sins. In short, a series of episodes that tries to make us think and to make us who look understand what are the values ​​that count most for the individual. He tries to do it, and he quite succeeds.

It is not yet clear whether or not a season 3 of Alice in Borderland will arrive, because in reality the ending could be almost definitive, suitable both in case you want to use it as a definitive conclusion, and in case you want to use it as a new start. For that, we’ll see.


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    Season 2 of Alice in Borderland is a step forward from the first, which all in all was absolutely not to be thrown away. The space for introspection has grown, together with human psychology, symbolism, and many of those questions designed to make people and the public reflect that they practically never get bored. There is no shortage of action, blood, and unfair situations, which are among the trademarks of the story, so even those who enjoyed the first part a lot will not be disappointed. We are facing what in the end could seem like a definitive ending, which however could also reserve us a backlash.