Aggressive cloud plans – Sony apparently wants to confront Microsoft

Several competition authorities have recently confirmed that Microsoft is preparing for a bigger future in the cloud gaming segment. Sony is now reacting to this and is also planning an aggressive strategy to counteract this.

That’s what PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said at the recent Business segment meeting, after which the plans in the cloud business will be further accelerated. No details can be given yet, but more will be revealed in the coming months.

Here Ryan first commented:

“Cloud gaming has attracted a lot of attention. Technology will be fundamental for us or anyone else to take advantage of this trend. We have – unfortunately today is not the time for me to disclose those plans – but we do have some pretty interesting and ambitious plans to take our initiatives in [der Cloud] to be announced in the coming months.”

Cloud gaming with your own PlayStation handheld?

Basically, Sony already has an existing cloud gaming business, but it’s far less used than traditional gaming on the PS5 etc. A new handheld is rumored to be in development called the Q-Lite, which will feature cloud technology between the PS5 and the handheld to be able to experience his games anywhere. A presentation of said handheld is expected in the next few months.

The cloud plans also inevitably include PlayStation Plus, whose growth plans will continue to be pushed forward. Even if the number of users is stagnating somewhat, Sony is making a big change from the basic offer to the Extra and Premium levels, which include cloud gaming, among other things.

PlayStation Plus growth

More details about Sony’s cloud gaming plans are expected in the coming months.

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