Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is getting the Return of Rome expansion today

The Return of Rome expansion is coming out today, and as the name suggests, Age of Empires will see the return of Rome and not just Rome. The expansion will start with 16 civilizations from the first Age of Empires, which are now moving into the second.

Literally, in the expansion, the authors first took the game and completely inserted it into the new game. It will all be a separate part of the game that you will switch to and will have the original rules. At the same time, add one completely new civilization and three completely new campaigns.

Along with that, the authors divide Roman civilization into two factions, one of which is focused on the early periods of history and the other on later Roman history. Toti in the expansion fart Rm in the first phase and into AOE 2 itself outside the expansion fart Rm in the late phase.

We wanted newcomers to really see if the game is, and at the same time allow rock fans to see it all over again. We learned a lot, said Earnest Yuen, the game’s producer. The only thing was that we still lost the original fansAge of Empireswith many people, for new games it was like starting with the game. It is still very old wheels and some games are very used to the innovations that happened in other RTS games in the last two decades.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition enough today

The Return of Rome contains the new D3 game md, which was created by Vietnamese games and now comes to the game officially together with the new Vietnamese civilization Le Viet. The regime itself limits the game to one military unit and to the Bronze Age, it limits the tactics of unhlen battles and keeps the sides on the same level.

Vietnamese fans have kept the original Age of Empires alive for the past 25 years, says Yuen. “You still have local tournaments, stream online, and we wanted to acknowledge this community for keeping the game alive this whole time.”

The expansion will be available today on PC and Xbox Series XS consoles.

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