Activision wants to oppose the committee that Microsoft will approve at the end of the acquisition

Raven Software does not give up despite Activision’s attempts to contrast

Between Activision Blizzardprobably the most discussed publisher in recent years for reasons outside its sector and such as to generate a real scandal, and the development studio Raven Software owned by him, he hasn’t been in good blood for several months, as you probably know. Earlier this year the studio opposed a series of layoffs deemed unfair, so I threaten the founding of a syndicate and, now, despite the publisher’s attempts to stop them, the studio members have actually founded a union. Committee against Discrimination.

As much as Activision hates it, Microsoft is keen to approve it when it takes over the reins of the company:

At the moment Activision he is taking a lot of effort to dismiss this committee, but his is a battle that has already been decided must be lost in the future. In fact, when the company will lose its independence at the conclusion of the acquisition maneuver by Microsoft, the Redmond giant intends to legitimize and approve this committee. The acquisition is expected to close within the first months of next 2023.

To what he reports Kotakusource of this article, to express this position would have been Phil Spencer in person, who in the course of a meeting would have said: “Once this deal is closed, we have every intention of supporting the employee-formed organization. We are convinced that it is a right of our employees and it is something that can become part of the relationship between a company and those who work for it “.

In short, the ideas of the Redmond giant are clear and progressive as always, it is not surprising in fact Microsoft has appeared for years among the best jobs in any ranking or research on the quality of work environments. A reality diametrically opposed to that which, to listen to the testimonies, seems to have characterized the history of Activision Blizzard under the blind guidance of Bobby Kotickwho, once the acquisition is complete, will become the man guilty of hiding the highest paid crimes such as abuse, discrimination and violence in the history of humanity – for a third of his faults a normal person would end up in jail for a few years at least, nothing but good exit for nearly half a billion.

However, it’s nice to know that the retrograde administration of Activision he is fighting a losing battle from the start, and it will be a good moral slap in the face when the union founded by 12 brave employees becomes a consolidated and supported company. At least in one case we will see employees getting the better of one company – although a second benevolent company is required for this to be possible.

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