Activision-Blizzard acquisition: The next glimmer of hope, China says yes

It’s a constant back and forth for Microsoft. The billion-dollar purchase of Activision-Blizzard is dragging on like chewing gum, as numerous authorities are opposed. However, the company recently enjoyed success as the EU Commission approved the deal. Now the next country with positive news follows, China also approves the purchase.

Microsoft would happily fork out a whopping $69 billion to take over Activision-Blizzard and King. However, the matter is dragging on massively, as some authorities are not in the mood to see the deal through. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently made headlines by saying a resounding no. The reason given was the impact on the market, especially in relation to cloud gaming.

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But there are always glimmers of hope. So they recently celebrated that the EU Commission approved the takeover. Now comes the next country Microsoft seems to favor: China.

The Redmond-based group is correspondingly pleased in a statement to Eurogamer: “China’s unconditional approval of our acquisition of Activision Blizzard follows approval decisions by countries such as Japan and the European Union, with which we have now reached a total of 37 countries with more than two billion people The acquisition, coupled with our recent commitments to the European Commission, will give consumers around the world the ability to play more games on more devices.”

In America, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is currently still filing a lawsuit against the purchase. A final decision is expected over the summer. In the past, Microsoft has already made some concessions to satisfy the various authorities. Among other things, there were deals with Nintendo and Nvidia, and the company also agreed to offer any Activision Blizzard titles via external cloud gaming services.

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