according to a publisher, the subscription would not harm the developers, on the contrary it saves them from a possible sales flop!

The Xbox Game Pass offer is convenient not only for end users, but also for the developers of the games included in the subscription. To say it is the person in charge of the publisher No More Robots!

One of the main criticisms addressed to the Game Pass offer is precisely that of not being able to attract as much income as the sale of retail games, thus putting the game developers present in this library at a clear disadvantage. But is this consideration true?

Answering this question is Mike Rose, head of the publishing firm of mainly indie titles No More Robotsin a series of quite explanatory tweets!


“I’ve said it before, but: Game Pass is ensuring success for dozens of developers every single monthpaying them all development costs (and more) on the first day. Anyone who tweets ‘Game Pass is bad for devs’ has no idea how this industry works, and should shut up.wrote Mike Rose.

It therefore seems that entering the Xbox Game Pass catalog of games could therefore be a great opportunity, with which to make up for all the expenses in a very short time!

In addition Mike Rose gives an example by clarifying that when a game is released on Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has already taken care of paying back all development costs. Without the developer having to worry about sales.

In short, with the great experience gained together with the many developers whose games have become part of the Game Pass offer, Mike Rose would seem to talk about it with great knowledge of the factsand that’s why we tend to believe it.

It therefore seems that the strategy adopted by Microsoft is also optimal from this point of view, even if on the other side of the ocean, at PlayStation, Sony still does not believe it very much!

Source: Mike Rose