accessibility is the future of video games, according to Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond

In an interview granted to IGN Japan, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer and Vice President Sarah Bond talked about how the future of the gaming world and the importance of ensuring greater accessibility to as many gamers as possible..

During the Tokyo Game ShowSarah Bond wanted to talk about the future of video games: “Today three billion people play, but they cannot all play together. There are all these barriers between platforms for various reasons and this is what we want to change at Xbox. We also want everyone to be able to play together globally, regardless of the type of hardware they have. We want them to be able to communicate with the rest of the world and do all these things perhaps thanks to instant translation, so that they can talk to any person in the world, regardless of their language skills.“.

Phil Spencer then continued, echoing Bond and stating: “Your best friend may live on the other side of the world and you would have no idea what they look like or what language they speak. Communicating with them, too, could unlock amazing experiences for all players and relationships that they would otherwise never have. THEThe world of games is great for connecting people with each other and we have seen this over the years. I just think the future is great for nothe”.


These kinds of statements are not entirely new to Spencer. In the past, the Xbox number one shared his vision of the concept of exclusivity. In his opinion, this concept is destined to disappear or be drastically reduced. “I dream of a world where my children and their friends can play together without worrying about the ‘piece of plastic’ their parents bought” Spencer said.

In addition, new games from Japanese studios are coming to Xbox. Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer also reiterated that Xbox Series X and Series S will not go up in price.

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Source: IGN

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