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Let’s go back to talking about God of War Ragnarök. , one of the most anticipated if not the most anticipated titles of the year, given the unexpected postponement of Starfield to 2023. We do not yet have a release date for the game of Santa Monica Studiosalthough it has been confirmed several times that the launch will take place in 2022 (probably at the end of the year), but the development study wanted to keep us updated on the numerous accessibility options (Forza Horizon 5 teaches) that we will have at our disposal once we start the game.

Not only was it redesigned the entire user interface to allow greater flexibility and readability, but also the controllers have been remapped from scratch and even more customization has been given to the combat and interaction systems. All of the accessibility features of God of War of 2018 have been preserved and expanded in God of War Ragnarök, up to and including over 60 options to adjust the game action according to your style and needs.

Of these options we will see only a few, the most noteworthy ones, and that the developers themselves have decided to disclose.

Features added to God of War Ragnarök from the PC version of God of War (2018)

As the title suggests, they have been added to God of War Ragnarök the shutter / automatic shutter, the pcontinuous grease (always on lattice), that is, put additional focal points to reduce the feeling of seasickness or simply to use as a constant reminder of the center of the screen, with the possibility of activating a central point in three different sizes and seven different colors.

The pointing style to choose whether to press and hold or activate / deactivate the aiming position and sdefense tile to choose whether to press and hold or activate / deactivate the position with the shield.

God of War news Ragnarök

Let’s start with the improved subtitles, of which we can choose size and color, whether or not to show the names of the speakers; captions have been added to both the cutscenes and gameplay to offer a rich understanding of the soundscape of God of War Ragnarök. In addition, they will be very useful for understanding puzzles as well.

In addition, some options have been included that allow you to blur the background behind the subtitles and captions to make them more readable, in addition to the possibility of darken the background behind the subtitles for better readability in the snow, which will most likely be predominant in the new chapter.

Also there size of text and icons it has been upgraded, down to size extra-largeso as to be visible even when playing at a rather large distance from the game screen.

Another novelty is the complete one redesign of the controller mappingso as to leave us players completely free to customize the configurations of the keys in God of War Ragnarök. Individual keys can be swapped and, to select complex actions, you can choose alternative configurations from a predefined list.

High contrast mode

The new mode high contrast colors lets you apply a color to game elements such as targets, enemies, and other characters, as well as a variety of object types. The characters will be more visible in the background and can be turned on and off by swiping with one finger. Yup turn off automatically when in the Settings or Character menu and during gameplay cutscenes.

Here too the level of customization is very deep, allowing you to select one color palette that suits your play style and adjust individual colors for characters, enemies and objects as well as select levels separately contrast of the background with medium or dark shades.

God of War Ragnarok high contrast

To finish the overview of the features of God of War Ragnarök, below is a list of the other options:

Assisted navigation: allows you to orient the view towards the compass target. When you are not in combat, pressing the Assisted Navigation key will direct the camera to the next objective in the story.

Travel assistance: it is possible to automate the functions of jumping, vaulting, covering and other movement functions according to the selected direction.

Assistance +: adds interaction-based moves such as climbing, crawling, and narrow passages.

Audio clues: an acoustic signal will warn us near an interaction point, so that we can hear when an icon is nearby and when the key becomes active.

Audio clues extend to additional combat cues such as unblockable attack sounds, aiming cues, and change of arms cues. The volume of the audio cues can be adjusted separately from the other volume sliders, so you can change it according to your needs.

Below a explanatory video:

As mentioned, the accessibility features of God of War Ragnarök do not end there, and as stated by the studies of Santa Monicafurther updates will be made as the release date approaches.