Absolutely Games & Team17 unveils WW1 strategy game for PS5

Team17 and developer Absolutely Games have unveiled a new strategy game for PS5, which they announce with an encrypted press release. Except for a teaser, there is only a cryptic text.

The teaser reveals so much that it is a setting for the First World War, that you have suffered severe losses and that you no longer have any weapons. The opponent seems to feel deceptively safe without knowing that they are dealing with a shadow army, can be seen here.

The following and extensively redacted press release has been attached:

WWI Game by Absolutely Games

The individual scraps of words speak of a series of features, a campaign and an intriguing story. Unfortunately, still too little to interpret more precise details from it.

You can get a little smarter on the homepage of Absolutely Games, where they talk about strategy and tactical games they are working on. These are created for the PC and the current consoles.

“Absolutely Games develops games in the strategy and tactics genre for multiple platforms, including new generation consoles. We build communities and games for the long term. We make games that become our players’ hobbies over the years.”

Further details from Absolutely Games and the mysterious project must now be awaited.

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