A second year for PlayStation 5 weaker than it was for PlayStation 4

Overcoming the inventory crisis is an absolute priority, to bring sales back up

Jim Ryanthe boss of PlayStation, stated that the first year on the console market ended positively, in terms of sales. He said it during the last company meeting held by Sony. Even in the first year, despite how difficult it was to find it, the console surpassed in sales the first year of PlayStation 4. Unfortunately for the company, when stocks are short, sooner or later the crisis arrives, as every trader has known since ancient times, and in fact the positive trend of the first year turned negative in the second, with sales lower than those of the second year of the older generation. precisely because of the shortage of stocks.

Now for PlayStation it is imperative to find a solution, or the situation could worsen considerably:

During the first fiscal year, the console sold about 1,000 pieces per minute on US soil, compared to just 6 consoles per minute sold in the same period of the life span of PlayStation 4 – so if the next-gen took 80 minutes to sell 80,000 consoles, the old-gen took 9 days to get the same result. An impressive advantage to say the least. On Chinese soil in the first 72 days of the first fiscal year, the next-gen was able to place 670,000 consoles in 72 weeks, the old-gen in the same period placed only 250,000.

It is hard to believe that such numbers could reverse within a year, yet they did. The product, PlayStation 5is strong in a request that is almost reductive to define very high, but there is a lack of stocks to satisfy everyone and, if a solution is not found, it is easy that the less tenacious segment of users could sooner or later switch to the competition, or postpone, if not giving up, buying – and for a company in this industry it is essential to sell a lot and sell quickly. Sony He already has plans to deal with the situation, but sadly this is not an easy affair to deal with, as it largely hinges on the same semiconductor crisis that is afflicting a myriad of technology-related industries.

Even the first year, with its impressive numbers, fell short of expectations. Indeed, with similar sales numbers for PlayStation 5 despite the limited availability of stocks, we can only imagine what numbers would have been recorded if there had been a wide availability of consoles (I myself would certainly have one, to begin with, ed). And you, what do you think?