a rumor speaks of a title set in Italy!

Mafia 4 is the hypothetical sequel to the third chapter that made industry insiders and users discuss. The series, which started big with the first title (of which the remake recently came out) and went well with the second, but suffered a setback in terms of appreciation.

Although it has not yet been officially announcedinteresting information is already circulating that speak of the characteristics that iThe sequel to Mafia 3 he could have. Obviously it comes to unconfirmed rumors.

Will Mafia 4 be set in Italy?

A rumor that is bouncing across various forums and platforms claims that this new chapter of Mafia could have our country as its main setting. In the probe the Sicilian island in 1900 with a great return. Still according to rumors, in fact, the game, despite the misleading numbering, it will be a real prequel to the first chapter of Mafia, going to tell events that happened 30 years earlier and making us even explore the whole of Sicily.

Screenshot from Mafia: Definitive Edition

The setting is certainly fascinating and fans of the series have already appreciated it, even if briefly, in a short mission in the second chapterin which Vito Scaletta took part in the smilitary consignment of the allies on the coasts of Sicily.

In short, if the news were actually confirmed, we would be faced with a real bomb that will delight the most avid fans and those looking for an experience worthy of the name of the series.

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To mention at the end, and not least, are undoubtedly the rumors concerning the plot of the game which should relate to the rise to power of the Salieri familymaking appear Ennio. According to rumors, the game will unfortunately present the classical (and perhaps a little anachronistic) structure seen in past chapters, or a open world divided into activities and missions.

Mafia will rise again in the Olympus of video games?