A Photo Adventure free and extensive update

The developer Something We Made announced a new free update of the upcoming content for your TOEM: A Photo Adventure title. Let’s find out more details about this intriguing black and white video game that places photography as the main tool of the whole adventure.

TOEM expands

TOEM is among the protagonists of the PS Plus Essential of September 2022 and this announcement can only make those who subscribe to the PlayStation service even happier. The scheduled update will add the new Basto region, which includes one to two hours of new content, a new camera accessory, six music tracks, 20 additional missions and 20 creatures of the compendium. At the moment we don’t have an official date but we think that the developers will take advantage of the attention the game is getting thanks to the PS Plus too.

Wanting to deepen the DLC dedicated to the region Enough, the developers themselves promise to offer the greatest level ever, with new missions, new mini-games and even a treasure hunt. To access the DLC, just complete the main story and go talk to Nana at our house (i.e. the very first level of the game). We personally can’t wait to discover Basto’s secrets and get back to picking up our beloved camera. And you?