A PC and PlayStation remaster without From Software?

It could be done, according to Lance McDonald

There is a lot of talk about Bloodbornea game that has always remained unique in the heart of every fan of the challenging titles of From Software, which many would like to see reborn in a nice modernized edition, even just a remaster. But unfortunately, Jeff Grubb he recently commented on this desire, specifying that lately the studio has been too busy on ongoing or unreleased projects to devote himself to work on a possible remastered version. However, according to a famous modder, to achieve it you could easily proceed without From Software.

Is it possible to hope Bloodborne succeeds in a team outside the original one?

Also Grubb touched on this possibility, specifying that the source code of the game is really very complex and “Disastrous”, too much for an outside studio to work on a port or remaster. However, the modder is not of the same opinion Lance Mcdonald, well-known creator of a patch to push the game in question to run at 60 FPS. According to him repurpose the game on PlayStation 5 And Windows PC even without From Software it wouldn’t be difficult at all.

“The 60 FPS on PlayStation 4 can be enabled by changing a few lines of code”he added at the end, perhaps to clarify how simple he thinks it is to intervene on the code of Bloodbornealso specifying how Japan Studios were i in possession of a working build of the game for Windows 7and how this is probably still somewhere in the arches of Sony Interactive Entertainment – if this build existed it would mean that much of the work is already done.

Wanting Sony could proceed, as the brand Bloodborne it belongs to him, and can therefore entrust it to any study that seems suitable for the purpose. Obviously it is, at least for the moment, just gossip. No plan exists and there is no telling at this point if it will ever exist – probably not in the near future. Intellectual property remains dormant for now, while From Software is committed to evolving its latest jewel, Elden Ringa game for which a rich future still lies ahead.

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Let us know what you think of the hypothetical future development of a remaster edition entrusted to a different study by Sony. Would you be in favor, doubtful or against? We are waiting for you in the space below dedicated to comments!