A Mystery Game at a discount on Eneba

Eneba, famous site of discounts and sale of digital codes for video games, today offers us among the many titles available Hitchhiker, a very special adventure / experience to be lived; a game that makes narrative component its fortecatapulting the player on an unsolicited journey to the discovery of many details of his life.

Hitchhiker, an unsolicited hitchhiking

The beginning of this strange story sees us open your eyes aboard a vehicle, driven by a guy who seems to know us but about whom we cannot say the same. We do not remember how or why we are aboard that vehicle, not even where we are headed and, looking around us, both in the vehicle and in the surrounding environment, everything takes on a strange, almost dreamlike shape.

When the gaze finally falls on a small white object, which turns out to be a matchbox with a telephone number and the word “help me” written inside, everything becomes even more disturbing; while we will try to ask the driver a few questions to try to understand the reason for what is happening to us, we find in the dashboard of his vehicle, a photo of us and our girlfriend.

hitchhiker press

Hitchhiker is a game that surely succeeds in keep players glued to the screenwhile maintaining bland rhythms that, interrupted at the right time by various very particular puzzles to solve, will never get bored. The puzzles deserve a special note: being Hitchhiker a little ordinary game, even the puzzles that are part of it will have to be faced by putting logic aside and thinking a little more outside the box.

Today the Steam version of the game is just over 8 euros, a price that is certainly valid for a game that deserves the attention of the case.