a mod introduces Tobey Maguire and Willem Defoe to the Insomniac game

We have seen several mods for Marvel’s Spider-man. The Insomniac Games game released in 2018 and subsequently arrived on PC has been enriched with modifications of all kinds. One of these, we remind you, allows you to replace Ben Jordan’s model (who plays Peter Parker in the Remastered edition, the one on PC) with Stan Lee. A mod that, as we told you, would have warmed your heart.

Only one thing could top that mod in terms of sentimentality. It was made by Rezauddin Nur who on Nexus Mods (find the link at the bottom) replaced the game models of Parker and Osborn with their cinematic equivalents from Sam Raimi’s films. Well yes: Tobey Maguire and Willem Defoe ladies and gentlemen meet again in the game of Insomniac Games after their final showdown on the big screen. The mod also adds the Human Spider costume seen in the very first movie during the Wrestling match.

Can I tell? If Nur had also added Alfred Molina to play Otto Octavius ​​we would have bordered on perfection and Marvel’s Spider-Man would have automatically become my GOAT. Let’s make sure that for now we are satisfied with what we have, find the link at the bottom. For this year, however, the release is expected during this autumn, as promised by Insomniac Games.


We leave you with some videos posted on YouTube and showing the mod in action. The opening sequence with the botched costume is hilarious. But seeing Tobey dressed in black again seems ready to bring out the “Bully Maguire” in him. Although, this is my impression, the model also vaguely resembles Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins).

Source: Nexus Mods