a Metroidvania within everyone’s reach!

In such a large, developed videogame reality, full of small developers who try to emerge elbows in order to reach their goals, it is not uncommon to be able to discover titles that may turn out not so much as small pearls, but at least a concrete representation of commitment. , passion and great will.

The work done by the Italian indie studio SEEP makes it perfectly like the desire to emerge and nostalgia for the past can represent a perfect combination, giving the new generation and veterans an experience with a modern vintage taste: here it is born like this Cosmos Bit.

A hostile planet full of pitfalls: rescuing a group of scientists will be as difficult as it is fun

Stella Mironova she is a skilled space soldier, whose deeds are given considerable fame. She was sent to an alien planet to rescue a group of human scientists who have mysteriously vanished into thin air, Cosmos Bit centers its stories in a very simple and fun Metroidvania title.

At the start of the title the player will be given the possibility to choose the language of the text on the screen. Among the various languages ​​there is also ItalianThis is absolutely no small detail considering that the vast majority of titles of this genre include only the English language, or in the most fortunate cases also Spanish or German.

After selecting the language and subsequently starting a new game, the player will find himself in front of the first animated sequence that will lead the way for what will be the real adventure. A nice pixel art graphics will accompany the player while exploring the planet.

Cosmos Bit

At the center of the frame there is obviously the game scene, with the protagonist and the world around her. Laterally, on the left, you can find empty spaces that will be occupied by:

  • Energy shield, red balls. Each hit immediately will cause you to lose an energy shield. Basically it takes into account how much damage the player can still suffer before going to meet a lost game and start over from the last save point;
  • Vital battery, green battery. This is an upgrade that goes to regenerate an energy shield at any time the player wishes, using a specific combination of keys;
  • Spheres of energy, spheres of yellow, light blue and magenta. These three different energies can be found in the form of spheres by breaking stones or large boulders. These are used to purchase upgrades: they are used as the main currency of exchange.

Laterally, on the right, the spaces will be occupied by:

  • Type of shot. Initially the protagonist will shoot shots, using her own gun, not too powerful or of great impact, with a limited range. Further upgrades to the type of shot will be unlocked during the continuation of the adventure;
  • Number of bombs. First enhancement that you will get in game: these allow you to break particularly resistant blocks and eliminate enemies much more quickly thanks to the huge damage;
  • Number of exterminated aliens. A number that will take into account the aliens defeated during the course of the game;
  • Key items obtained. These objects are of fundamental importance for the continuation of the adventure: they will unlock the main areas through which to continue your path.

Cosmos Bit

Space fun: maybe a different gravity leads to some small flaws

Cosmos Bit is a game that can be played very pleasantly: it will be a real fun to explore all the areas available within the game map. So many pitfalls and difficulties which will hinder the player until the final battle. One aspect that I really liked was the variety of aliens met and the difficulty of the title: not too difficult, but not too easy, ideal for a challenge and to devote yourself with the right concentration to the discovery of a title that has been really well packaged, despite some small flaws.

One element that made me turn up my nose during the game session is the blocking the character’s view change immediately after firing shots of any kind. After defeating an alien, for example by shooting to my right, the protagonist will remain blocked for a few seconds towards that position, thus unable to turn around and shoot to her left. This resulted in several losses of energy shields that could easily have been spared.

Another imperfection that can be found is the aggressive farming of the game currency. Within Cosmos Bit it will be possible buy upgrades and save the gamein certain game areas, through the colored energy balls obtainable from the destruction of large boulders and small stones.

Cosmos Bit
Resources for everyone!

Once a stone or boulder has been destroyed, the latter will drop these colored energy balls that can be used as in-game currency inside the store. The problem arises when, once a stone has been destroyed and the path changed, thus implementing the change of image in the game, sliding from one section of the map to another, the stones will reappear once you return back with the same high drop ratethus allowing to take advantage of this small system flaw that would virtually give access, after patience, to all the upgrades available even at the beginning of the game.

Cosmos Bit
Attempting is not harmful, even if there is almost not too much challenge: it would have been better to at least lower the resource drop once a stone has been destroyed

The inspiration behind the title SEEP: Metroid and… Super Mario !?

Cosmos Bit is a title heavily influenced by Metroid, popular Nintendo exclusive: female protagonists, alien planets, environments similar to Sector 3 PYR and Sector 5 ARC from Metroid Fusion and nearly identical power-ups. The inspiration is very strong, but this does not fade into a copy and paste: the uniqueness of the creatures, as well as the graphics and the overall experience, the possibility of buying upgrades in the store and saving the game only if you can buy a memory card, make the title very interesting and compelling: a continuous challenge that offers fun and exploration.

The title is not only inspired by Metroid, but also from Super Mario: there will be two elements that will bring the mind to the famous Italian plumber, namely the Piranha plant and the famous green pipe.

Cosmos Bit
Those little quotes that always make you smile
Cosmos Bit
Who knows if the World of Mushrooms is on the other side of the tube …

That touch of pixel art that we love so much

Nice pixel art graphics will accompany the player in this special Italian adventure with a spatial nuance. The colors, the settings, the game mechanics, the exploration and the aliens that will put a spoke in the wheel, will make the gaming experience highly enjoyable, made pleasant also by the soundtrack which perfectly conveys the idea of ​​the climate you live in one style similar to that of Axiom Verge.

Cosmos Bit

Cosmos Bit: a short but intense Italian tribute

SEEP has done a really great job with Cosmos Bit: playing the title of the Italian studio was very enjoyable and fun, stimulating. You can clearly see the great commitment and dedication that the Italian studio has put into being able to give vintage-loving players an experience that can somehow recall the good old days of the past, in a modern way.

Cosmos Bit is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch And Steam at a price of € 4.99.