a leak shows game clips for over 40 minutes in total!

Diablo 4 is the sparkling new title planned for the well-known Diablo series, which has undoubtedly conquered users over the years.

If you too are waiting for this new chapter then for sure you will be curious to know every detail. Well, today we are here to bring you back a very succulent leakso hold on tight!

Diablo 4: a leak shows the gameplay!

That the leaks make happy fans eager for information on their favorite games is not new, unfortunately, however, the companies are not exactly of the same idea, and after the sensational leak on GTA 6 the new victim is instead Diablo 4.

Apparently the new title currently in the works would be shown through videos that have spread on Reddit, specifically on the GamingLeaksAndRumors forum, for a total of over 40 minutes of gameplay! If you want to view them we leave you here the link.

This is obviously a massive leak and apparently the source is also known: in fact, someone would have broadcast a private build in live streaming on Discord, thus allowing a user to register and reshare it on the web.


Thanks to an identification ID that can be seen in the gameplay video, it will probably be possible to trace the user who spread it on the web, but unfortunately, find the author of the live stream it won’t be that easy.

In short, a very succulent leak that fans have welcomed with joy but which as alwaysand we remind you to be unconfirmed, so please take the information with due caution.

In any case we will keep you updated on all the news and for the moment we give you an appointment at the next article!

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