a leak reveals the contents of the first expansion!

Cyberpunk 2077 it is undoubtedly a title that needs no introduction. The game has been on everyone’s lips for months, sadly for the wrong reasons, and the criticisms on the web have flown to the maximum due to the multiple bugs that made it completely unplayable.

The developers, however, did not give up and worked hard to try to get it back on track, despite the obstacles and people who did not believe in the project. Now we can also say that the title has actually improved and is finally preparing to get the first expansion!

How do we know this? If you want to find out, stay with us because the news of oggi is very succulent and we will reveal many secrets about this future DLC.

Cyberpunk 2077: a leak reveals the whole plot of the first DLC!

If you have read the introduction you will probably have quite a few questions, but we can tell you that you have understood correctly: Cyberpunk 2077 will soon host a new DLC that will add a lot of content to the game!

The news is not official but comes from a fairly substantial leak. In fact, some game files have appeared on the web containing the dialogue lines of the expansion! It goes without saying that a leak of this magnitude was able to probably reveal all the additional plot that will be introduced.

Apparently we will follow the adventures of a character known as Songbird. The files are not complete, but it seems that we will be able to take part in seven main missions, with the addition of fixer missions, game world stories and various encounters.

Also if you are curious to know there is this fateful new character, we also have an image that reveals the 3D model and you we leave it below. The leak as you can see does not miss anything!

Cyberpunk 2077

The setting will also be special: everything will take place in the Combat Zone in the Pacific region. This is not a zone present in the base game, but we already know it as it was shown in the book The World of Cyberpunk 2077. Furthermore, as if this were not enough, the players will also finally be able to visit the Sports Dome, the famous main game arena that has so far been closed to exploration.

Apparently Johnny Silverhand (the character of Keanu Reeves) will have a minor role in this DLC, thus leaving room for other characters including Songbird, our protagonist, of course.

Additionally, to achieve some continuity between the main game and the upcoming expansion, some of the dialogue in Cyberpunk 2077’s end game has been changed. In this way the events of the DLC will be more consistent and credible with the events, as mentioned previously. In short, they created a real background for this additional story!

Cyberpunk 2077

In short, the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 have certainly not let go of their little gem. The commitment is more than evident and all these contents we are sure that they will be able to bring a good breath of fresh air to the title, with missions to be enjoyed in all respects and an exciting plot to discover. We just have to hope that more attention to detail is applied this time than when the main game launched!

As always, it seems fair to remind you that in the end it is a leak and it is nothing official, but let’s say that this time the sources seem reliable and we can expect all of this in the fairly near future. We obviously can’t wait to try everything the company will offer us and we will keep you updated on the news, expecting some upcoming announcements.

cyberpunk 2077

In any case, for the moment there is nothing left to do but make an appointment with the next one article renewing our constant commitment to always guarantee you the best news available on the net and beyond!