A gamer created Titanic in Minecraft, the project took 4 months of work

Titanic was made in Minecraft, project took 4 months of work

The Minecraft community continues to surprise me. This time, we took a perfectly recreated Titanic ship for wallpaper, which impresses with its details.

Although as players we are used to the fact that in Minecraft you can create things, every now and then we come across gems that are worth appreciating.
One such example is the work of a user nicknamed “Rilhon”. He decided to create the legendary ship RMS Titanic, which became famous for its tragic voyage, during which it collided with an iceberg, which resulted in the death of approx. 1.5 thousand people. people. It must be admitted that the ship in a square world looks very impressive.

As the author reveals, work on the perfect representation of the Titanic took four months. Not only the exterior of the ship has been transferred to the world of Minecraft, but also the entire interior, along with individual decks and rooms, including restaurants, reading rooms, café, bathhouse, etc.

The ship was mapped to a scale of 1.8: 1 and, as the author himself says, is 489 blocks long and 53 blocks wide. If you are interested in how the Titanic looks in the game, you can find it and download it at this link.