a developer decided to defend themselves by driving them crazy to be able to play!

The world of video games has always been full of creative and original anti-piracy systems. Fighting the cheaters and pirates who download everything and pay nothing can also be an exercise in style. The most widely used method to prevent them from enjoying an illegally obtained video game is banning. Preventing access to unpaid or modified content is a simple but more or less effective way of making the desire to be braggart go away.

But there are those who do not want to limit themselves to this. After all, a ban can be circumvented. But according to Ross Symons, CEO of Big Ant Studios, the software house responsible for Cricket 22, there are much better methods. Do you want to improperly play software? Then that software will improperly play with you. This is the philosophy of the company which, says Symons, has adopted a series of countermeasures aimed at recognizing pirated software and those on which cheats are installed. Real psychological torture which, once implemented, could make people want to resort to sinister tricks.

One of the latest systems, says Symons, involves making the screen flash quickly with a bright white screen in the pauses between matches. Annoying, to say the least. But this is only the latest system added. Previously, says Symons, Big Ant Studios made sure that cheaters and pirates lost every coin toss before the match. Symons, joined by Kotaku, said he had a kind of control panel with which to choose, from time to time, the undesirable effect. Black screen, confusing and contradicting error messagesweather conditions that lead to the interruption of the match are just some of the solutions.


There are many anti-cheater and anti-pirate systems out there. A Watch Mojo video tells some of the most imaginative. In addition to those mentioned, I ask you a question: Have you ever wondered why your Elden Ring steed is called “Torrent”? Try to put yourself in the shoes of an English-speaking cheater willing to download – without paying – the FromSoftware title. Imagine your first Google search. Here, exactly.

Source: Kotaku